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Since 2015, Capital Artist Group has been developing international talent - Equipping artists with the tools, environment and relationships to create freely; scouting the path necessary to realise their art in its highest quality form and foster the most authentic connection with their widest potential audience.

In 2022 we partnered with The Orchard/Sony, creating a full label services arm enabling us to take the most creative artists with a proven and engaged community direct to streaming platforms, stores and fans.

September 2023 saw the launch of Passion Eight Records, Capital's recorded music division. Utilising our knowlegdge and Eight years of Passion & Experience for the recorded music sector, Capital brings its new Flagship Label to the forefront of the Alternative Music Scene.

Captital Artist Publishing was born in August 2023, a collaboration with BMG afforded Capital the abilitily provide admin publishing services to its clients and artists across the globe.

Follow @capitalartistgroup & @passioneightrecords on social media to stay up to date with our Management, Publishing Rosters and Label Catalogue.

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